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Craig Gee Solicitors are a well established firm with extensive experience in providing advice to clients for Estate Planning and the preparation of Wills since its inception in 1997.   All of our staff provide a friendly caring and efficient service for all of our clients.

It is unfortunately a fact that a majority of the population have not made a Will. Those persons risk dying intestate.  This means that their wishes upon how they would wish to distribute their belongings and property will not be implemented. Instead their Estate will be distributed in accordance with the rules set down by the government.  This may often be contrary to the wishes of that person who would perhaps have preferred to have made a bequest to certain members of family, friends and business partners.

The importance

of a Will.

There are a good number of the population in cohabitation living together in love but not realising that upon the death of either of them that their partner will not inherit any part of their Estate unless they have made a Will. These problems are often compounded particularly when there are second families and even more precarious where a party might still be married but has settled into a new relationship with another person. In these situations, it may often be the case that a person not deserving will, in fact, inherit the deceased’s Estate if that person has not made a Will.

We cannot emphasise therefore too strongly the importance of making a Will.

We acknowledge that we do not like to think about not being here but having a Will prepared can bring piece of mind knowing that our loved ones, those most deserving are to be taken care of and will have less to deal with at a difficult time. Craig Gee Solicitors can offer you the advice and support you need to plan ahead and secure your best wishes.

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How Much Will It Cost Me?

The cost of preparing a Will is not too expensive. Our charges start at £75 plus vat.

Can you store my Will?

Yes, We offer all of our clients the option to keep the Will safely stored in our fire-proof facility free of charge!

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